Create Shareable Content By Making It ‘Relateable’

Relateability is subjective to be honest. To relate to something, one must have experienced it or at least have read about it — the latter being the least amount of relation with the topic.

To create shareable content that would allow more domains — not similar blog pages — to link to your website.

Viral videos are all about amazing. Linkable or shareable content is far from being amazing.

Instead, it is useful content that readers can use and relate. It is a product of one’s analysis and breakdown of a certain issue that has been around a certain niche at some point.

If you can combine the two, you can create a connectable story.

Everyone loves bacon. But what if you made a factual story researching 50 states of United States to find the state who most loves bacon? That is relateable. As it is an amazing feat and exciting, it will gain huge views.

Get the pitch right. Make the design less troublesome to the eye. Make sure your message gets across.

Truly, if you are confident your idea is effective, then just a few tweaks to these aspects can help you make your campaign successful quickly.

Three Ways To Get The Best Business Video Conference Service

Having workers in different parts of the world was difficult two decades ago. Without proper communication tools, snail mails made it impossible to beat crucial deadlines and decisions.

The Internet now allows international communications for free and without hassle not unless you or your workers are using a sub-par Internet connection. But not all tools are made the same.

So, which one can work for you?

Google Hangouts

Google’s own chat app is effective especially if many of you are on Android rather than iOS. Hangouts feature a chat system that stores all the information and logs you have without much trouble.

The only problem is, if your business should expand against Google (you’re a rival search engine company or you’re using some “dirty” tactics in your business to expand Google campaigns) this wouldn’t be a very good idea.


After Yahoo Messenger, there was Skype. The product has lived up to its full potential even after YM had disappeared from the limelight.

But Skype can be pricey especially if you’re not careful when you’re using Skype for Business, Skype Meetings or Skype Per-Minute Calls. It can be confusing and it would take some studying to get the right conference zone for yourself.

Also, not all calls in Skype run smoothly.


Focused on cuteness and simplicity, Slack is the tool for modern micro-companies. If you want to get your files organised and all your members receiving notifications at the right time (Slack has a message schedule service), you can ensure disruption and no disruption hours reflective of work periods.

It might not have a video or audio conference function but it sure could save important parts of your business effectively.

European Female Directors Increasing Dramatically

In Europe, more women are being involved in the executive committee level. However, reports indicate female representation in other sectors have a huge difference.


About 23 per cent of board directors in companies and institutions in European capital markets are mostly women. About only one in six per cent are female executive committee members.

Finance think-tank New Financial Partner Yasmine Chinwala, who is the author of the report, said the overall theme focuses on everything “moving in the right direction.”

She said:

“Companies should be thinking seriously about whether or not they have a problem with a lack of women at senior levels because the averages mask a lot of differences.”

Women on executive committees had increased representation by 1 point. However, the representation is very low in hedge funds, private equity firms and other investment companies. Women only make up 10 per cent and 7 per cent in these executive committees.

Due to inadequate information, firms with low female representations are excluded from the board count.

However, women are best represented in pension funds and investment banks. However, only 10 per cent of executive committees have females at the top of the executive food chain. Meanwhile, trade bodies have 30 per cent of women in executive committees.

Three Ways To Develop Brand Trust Through Forums

Trust is everything for consumers. When companies build trust, companies create more clientele. The more they feel like “partners” to a consumer, the more sales and expanding recognition across a target market.

For small businesses, a small budget and extra tireless efforts can help you achieve what you need. That also means developing a personal relationship with your consumers in three ways.

Extra Effort To Trust

People trust individuals who have no affiliations with companies. A representative who can join the forums without any connections to your company is essential. The individual should only aim to help individuals cost-free and provide information about certain products and services. He or she can pose as a ‘reverse-engineer’ type of person knowledgeable about your products. This person, which exhibits empathy towards the troubles of typical consumers, can create brand trust for you.


In forums would be questions that need answering. The representative must aim to become a point person when it comes to certain product or service problems.

If you’re an IT company for example, an IT person posing as a freelance contractor for IT services can help provide solutions especially when it concerns your products or services. He or she must have no affiliation with your company but he or she must provide results.

People can boost a representative’s reputation in forums if the representative provides the right solutions to their questions.

Direct Funneling

A campaign’s hard part would be having the representative send clients so the company could provide solutions for them and further create trust. Here are a few things that can help.

The point person can become someone who used the company’s services once and has found it quite useful.

The point person can expose his or her company affiliations only after the company has fictionally recognised the person’s efforts to resolve their product problems (and has offered a position in the company for the person.)

The funnel should create a bridge between the company and the representative without exposing a prior connection.

Guest Blogging: Three Things To Know

Ask a friend to blog. Your friend is an authority on the subject at hand indisputably. He has all the information you need. But he does not have a blog. You do. Can both of you benefit from it? Surely. But you’re the one who benefits for the most part. That is, if you could do these three things effectively.

Does Your Website Have A Huge Reach?

A huge reach is when your website is an established resource in its respective niche. If you publish your friend’s content relative to the niche, that content would spread outward quickly. This makes paying for blog licensing a bit easier to digest because you get returns quickly.

But what if you don’t have a huge reach?

Find a Website That Has A Huge Reach

Instead of trying to hog all the traffic from such useful content, claim the source is from your website and publish it through another popular niche website. If your friend agrees and you’ve paid your dues to your friend for his or her content, export it to other websites and see your traffic grow.

Find A Way To Repurpose The Content

Repurposing content is a common practice among content managers. Find the current Internet, cultural or niche trend. Repurpose the content in three different ways such as:

An analogy to an outrageously-different subject (values of life seen through computer programming).

Life Lessons (How I applied my computer programming analytics to daily living)

Or rewriting the content and “dumbing it down” to make it easier to explain to a five-year old child.

How to Perform Debt Settlements Yourself

Debt consolidators actually earn through you by providing you services in compiling all your debt and securing everything to lower your interest rates. While bankruptcy is not your foremost option, debt consolidation may be expensive. An alternative is to settle your debts by yourself. Here are a few things to remember.

Debt settlement is the process of offering a large one-time payment for an balance in return for the forgiveness of a remaining debt. Most lenders consider business as negotiable and if the debt is merely “impossible” or large, or it would take a great time for the debtor to pay off, a customer may offer a large fixed sum that is not the total of the balance, but is a large one-time payment that will allow them the privilege of having the lender erase the remaining balance.

The focus of the credit card company or your lender must be you. They must deal with you directly and that you represent yourself. Make yourself appear that you’re in a bad financial position. Lender may actually believe that you’re having difficulties but be sure your credit card spending does not point to luxurious trips. If you cut your spending on the card for at least three to six months before requesting a settlement, you have better chances.

Three Ways to Gauge the Effectiveness of Your Media Networks

News networks, both offline and online, are only helpful for your business’ marketing and advertising strategies if they cater to your target audience, have an effective pitch for your audience, and have their own long-term plans for their strategies. Gauging the effectiveness of each of these help you shape or adjust your own strategies as well.

  1. Audience

You would not advertise a woman’s clothing advertisement in a car technology magazine not unless a niche fits exactly with the magazine’s theme. Businesses who know their target audience must also know that news networks are connected to audiences in a different manner. It also involves personality. For example, an edgy, foul-humoured magazine that is informative about guns may not be suitable or least effective for advertising luxury watches.

  1. Network Credibility

A news network also has its own reputation by being credible. If you work with a news network that has no proper sources, misuses the information or boycotted by their own audiences because of a certain scandal or release of incomplete information, you are not maximising your media network advantage. Any campaign you release will not be effective at this rate. Customers may even reject your business.

  1. Longevity

Businesses will work with a diversified number of news networks and magazines, but they must give priority to the more successful ones. Hearing the plans of these networks to create new segments or explore other areas of reporting and advertising is crucial to you. It would be important to assess their longevity plans and if it would be suitable for the business’ own plans as well.

Is Branching Out Your Blog Page A Good Idea?

Numerous business websites have done it. Some online websites, which first focused on selling and marketing their products, have provided an FAQ and tips page. Eventually, their tips page became very famous with users that it evolved into a blog tips website that showed strategies, news and ideas about using their products or services. However, is branching out your blog page a good idea? Consider the following.


  1. Difficulty Level

Despite your web designer’s capability to design a free-flowing website, you need to rate the difficulty level required when working with your services. This doesn’t mean that the menus are wrong or it’s hard to find items in your website. For example, on Tumblr, you want to reach a high amount of “Tumblarity” among members. Your blog should feature ways on how users’ content could be discovered by other users. Indicate the challenges they may face doing this.

  1. Popularity

Is your product or service having some high traffic? Looking at the insights and analytics, it is important to see how much site traffic you already have, and what you still need. If you have very high traffic and you are getting many complaints from your users, then maybe it’s imperative that you branch out your help blog through another website.

  1. Feature

It’s a good idea to branch out only if you’ve seen many how-to and tutorial blogs talk about your website and how to overcome its difficulties. If you could anticipate that this is happening, these help blogs could even link back to your help blog website to increase your traffic.

Is Email Dead? Not Possibly So!

Internet marketing is all about social media now, some would say. Some would say that today, to build presence, you only need Facebook or Twitter. Even Twitter is now considered the biggest source of customer support wherever needed.

But that’s not all there is to it with emails. You won’t believe the amount of activity emails still get. Here’s a good infographic from a company that knows what it’s talking about.

Common Mistakes To Avoid for Those About to Enter the Market

Putting up and owning a business is a big responsibility. Proprietors and their teams will need to build up their reputation, systems and marketing strategy from scratch even if they have a compelling, innovative idea. To avoid these big problems and to avoid having to learn by error, here are a few things to avoid.

  1. A Lacklustre Business Plan

There is no business without a business plan, and this plan is the architecture that helps flesh out the objectives, procedures and results a business intends for themselves and their clients. A business plan is the business’ compass, and most start-ups forget and just go ahead with their ideas without any direction. They may gain success for a while, but when they are stumped on a new venture, they have nothing to refer to.

  1. Budget

Business proprietors invest much money into their business, sometimes more than what is due. The quality, and not the quantity, of individuals in a start-up is very important. The business smay have a large budget for staff and projects and it goes well for quite a while, until a costly error shows the improper allocation of funds in the business.

  1. Change

Sometimes, the original idea intended will not deliver growth to the company, and sometimes, change is important. Every business proprietor must understand that the industry changes, and sometimes one can do well in another industry. Always keep a Plan B for such scenarios, especially when it is clear that the original plan has a great possibility not to work.