European Female Directors Increasing Dramatically

In Europe, more women are being involved in the executive committee level. However, reports indicate female representation in other sectors have a huge difference.

About 23 per cent of board directors in companies and institutions in European capital markets are mostly women. About only one in six per cent are female executive committee members.

Finance think-tank New Financial Partner Yasmine Chinwala, who is the author of the report, said the overall theme focuses on everything “moving in the right direction.”

She said:

“Companies should be thinking seriously about whether or not they have a problem with a lack of women at senior levels because the averages mask a lot of differences.”

Women on executive committees had increased representation by 1 point. However, the representation is very low in hedge funds, private equity firms and other investment companies. Women only make up 10 per cent and 7 per cent in these executive committees.

Due to inadequate information, firms with low female representations are excluded from the board count.

However, women are best represented in pension funds and investment banks. However, only 10 per cent of executive committees have females at the top of the executive food chain. Meanwhile, trade bodies have 30 per cent of women in executive committees.

European Shares Fall As UK Defence Stocks Increase

European commodity shares had fallen on Monday as slow demand ate most of the values of commodoties and energy stocks.

Meanwhile, British defence contracts are on the rise as defence stocks have seen an increase in the last two weeks.

The pan-European FTS Eurofirst 300 was down by 0.3 per cent at 1,500.14 off the initial lows. Meanwhile, the Euro STOXX 50 index was down by 0.2 per cent.

Mining stocks had fallen by 1 per cent while oil and gas shares fell due to the decreasing value of Brent Crude.

According to Retail Derivatives Head Mike McCudden

“It looks like we’re going to be stuck in a glut for a while.

“There are still concerns over Chinese growth and that’s going to impact commodities and be a weight on European markets.”

Meanwhile, Britain said it would invest an additional £12 billion in defence equipment over the next 10 years, inflating the value of defence contractors.

Rolls Royce and BAE Systems saw stocks increase by 3.1 to 1 per cent after the announcement by Chancellor George Osborne said Britain intends to buy more fighter jets and boost anti-terrorism spending by 30 per cent.

Cameron also announced it would buy nine Boeing Submarine-Hunting Aircraft.

Guest Blogging: Three Things To Know

Ask a friend to blog. Your friend is an authority on the subject at hand indisputably. He has all the information you need. But he does not have a blog. You do. Can both of you benefit from it? Surely. But you’re the one who benefits for the most part. That is, if you could do these three things effectively.

Does Your Website Have A Huge Reach?

A huge reach is when your website is an established resource in its respective niche. If you publish your friend’s content relative to the niche, that content would spread outward quickly. This makes paying for blog licensing a bit easier to digest because you get returns quickly.

But what if you don’t have a huge reach?

Find a Website That Has A Huge Reach

Instead of trying to hog all the traffic from such useful content, claim the source is from your website and publish it through another popular niche website. If your friend agrees and you’ve paid your dues to your friend for his or her content, export it to other websites and see your traffic grow.

Find A Way To Repurpose The Content

Repurposing content is a common practice among content managers. Find the current Internet, cultural or niche trend. Repurpose the content in three different ways such as:

An analogy to an outrageously-different subject (values of life seen through computer programming).

Life Lessons (How I applied my computer programming analytics to daily living)

Or rewriting the content and “dumbing it down” to make it easier to explain to a five-year old child.

Is Email Dead? Not Possibly So!

Internet marketing is all about social media now, some would say. Some would say that today, to build presence, you only need Facebook or Twitter. Even Twitter is now considered the biggest source of customer support wherever needed.

But that’s not all there is to it with emails. You won’t believe the amount of activity emails still get. Here’s a good infographic from a company that knows what it’s talking about.

Content Curation Infographics That Can Help You Find Better Content [Infographic]

Let’s face it, it’s really difficult to find good content today. Almost every subject and niche in the world has an article or an infographic. Curation and mash-ups are definitely the two next best things when it comes to that.

Loads of content upload daily in the internet to little fanfare. As a blog or a business website, you have the power to make famous these content. Here are five infographics that could help you know more about content curation.





Is Branching Out Your Blog Page A Good Idea?

Numerous business websites have done it. Some online websites, which first focused on selling and marketing their products, have provided an FAQ and tips page. Eventually, their tips page became very famous with users that it evolved into a blog tips website that showed strategies, news and ideas about using their products or services. However, is branching out your blog page a good idea? Consider the following.

  1. Difficulty Level

Despite your web designer’s capability to design a free-flowing website, you need to rate the difficulty level required when working with your services. This doesn’t mean that the menus are wrong or it’s hard to find items in your website. For example, on Tumblr, you want to reach a high amount of “Tumblarity” among members. Your blog should feature ways on how users’ content could be discovered by other users. Indicate the challenges they may face doing this.

  1. Popularity

Is your product or service having some high traffic? Looking at the insights and analytics, it is important to see how much site traffic you already have, and what you still need. If you have very high traffic and you are getting many complaints from your users, then maybe it’s imperative that you branch out your help blog through another website.

  1. Feature

It’s a good idea to branch out only if you’ve seen many how-to and tutorial blogs talk about your website and how to overcome its difficulties. If you could anticipate that this is happening, these help blogs could even link back to your help blog website to increase your traffic.

Three Effective Ways To Have People Sign Up For Your Newsletter

Email newsletters bring in more conversions than typical blog and social media product campaigns. Newsletters urge readers to browse through your new products or services. However, newsletters only provide good results if done right. Here are three ways you could do it.

  1. Offer a Free Product or Service Duration

One strategy music-streaming service Spotify did to urge potential customers they had excellent service was that newcomers could get a premium service experience for at least one month. The long-duration service package comes with the complete features of the application. You could use this to your advantage. Offer an E-book or a free product in exchange for emails. In this way, you could send newsletters and updates about your products and services.

  1. Raise Interest in a Premium Product

Posting honest consumer reviews from different websites makes customers see that you have a premium product or service. You could also get reviews from famous tech blogs and news sources. Once you raise their interest, you could get a conversion instantly. A good way to ensure continuous conversion is to encourage the consumer to sign up for your newsletter.

  1. Show a Preview Of Your Newsletter

All customers want to see how your newsletter looks like. You could post a preview template on your page. The webpage itself should tell the customer the possible contents of the newsletter. It would be important to highlight the presence of bonus products, such as discount coupons, to encourage them to sign up.

Should You Curate Posts? It Could Do Good for Business.

Personal company blogs update your consumers about each employees’ point of view regarding current events relevant to the business. These kinds of original content have high visibility, especially if your business is an authority website. Meanwhile, creating new content for instructions or information is time consuming, and a business fresh into creating this content could face great competition over the internet.

At this point, curation could fix the situation. Curating posts by publishing them to your website is not too difficult, but you need to have a high quality editor to perform this task.

First, it is important to find relevant media over the internet. Choose from a selection of videos, photos or articles that are relevant to your business and find their sources. Always make sure these videos or media you use are freely licensed; copyrighted material could get you in trouble so beware.

Ensure that the media you use has high quality. For example, you need an instructional video that also highlights the same points when using your product. It is important to ensure the video does address all the points you need in a clear and objective manner.

Today, internet content is increasing every single day. Adding to the noise won’t cut it for you website anymore. Instead, you could publish these works and earn the reputation of a good curator instead of a creator that customers and potential audiences could trust.

Three New Unique Business Advertisement Strategies for Social Media

The main tenet of social networks is to introduce the concept of a small-world by connecting friends and friends of friends together, including their families. Numerous social networks today cater to different needs, opening up opportunities for unique business strategies. Here are some ideas you could use.

  1. Second-Long Video

Social media-oriented video feeds are highly useful if you want to market your business. Instead of writing a long post, using five second video services from Instagram or Vine could show much to your audiences while leaving them mystified about your update. Unveiling a new product, for example, could have a video show the different certifications and documentation for the product.

  1. Hashtags

Most social networks that provide microblogging services, such as Facebook and Twitter, require you to post less text to go straight to the point. However, using hashtags to describe your new product or service update is a good way to attract the eyes of audiences and create conversations. As the hashtag spreads, so does your marketing.

  1. Out from the Usual Norm

New audiences could be attracted to your business if you act out of your usual norm. For example, a serious architecture business could post a blueprint for creating a fun-looking vending machine. Acting out of the usual norm from time-to-time, including relating your industry during holidays or occasions, will help build brand personality.

Three Ways to Gauge the Effectiveness of Your Media Networks

News networks, both offline and online, are only helpful for your business’ marketing and advertising strategies if they cater to your target audience, have an effective pitch for your audience, and have their own long-term plans for their strategies. Gauging the effectiveness of each of these help you shape or adjust your own strategies as well.

1. Audience
You would not advertise a woman’s clothing advertisement in a car technology magazine not unless a niche fits exactly with the magazine’s theme. Businesses who know their target audience must also know that news networks are connected to audiences in a different manner. It also involves personality. For example, an edgy, foul-humoured magazine that is informative about guns may not be suitable or least effective for advertising luxury watches.

2. Network Credibility
A news network also has its own reputation by being credible. If you work with a news network that has no proper sources, misuses the information or boycotted by their own audiences because of a certain scandal or release of incomplete information, you are not maximising your media network advantage. Any campaign you release will not be effective at this rate. Customers may even reject your business.

3. Longevity
Businesses will work with a diversified number of news networks and magazines, but they must give priority to the more successful ones. Hearing the plans of these networks to create new segments or explore other areas of reporting and advertising is crucial to you. It would be important to assess their longevity plans and if it would be suitable for the business’ own plans as well.