Create Shareable Content By Making It ‘Relateable’

Relateability is subjective to be honest. To relate to something, one must have experienced it or at least have read about it — the latter being the least amount of relation with the topic.

To create shareable content that would allow more domains — not similar blog pages — to link to your website.

Viral videos are all about amazing. Linkable or shareable content is far from being amazing.

Instead, it is useful content that readers can use and relate. It is a product of one’s analysis and breakdown of a certain issue that has been around a certain niche at some point.

If you can combine the two, you can create a connectable story.

Everyone loves bacon. But what if you made a factual story researching 50 states of United States to find the state who most loves bacon? That is relateable. As it is an amazing feat and exciting, it will gain huge views.

Get the pitch right. Make the design less troublesome to the eye. Make sure your message gets across.

Truly, if you are confident your idea is effective, then just a few tweaks to these aspects can help you make your campaign successful quickly.

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