Three Ways To Get The Best Business Video Conference Service

Having workers in different parts of the world was difficult two decades ago. Without proper communication tools, snail mails made it impossible to beat crucial deadlines and decisions.

The Internet now allows international communications for free and without hassle not unless you or your workers are using a sub-par Internet connection. But not all tools are made the same.

So, which one can work for you?

Google Hangouts

Google’s own chat app is effective especially if many of you are on Android rather than iOS. Hangouts feature a chat system that stores all the information and logs you have without much trouble.

The only problem is, if your business should expand against Google (you’re a rival search engine company or you’re using some “dirty” tactics in your business to expand Google campaigns) this wouldn’t be a very good idea.


After Yahoo Messenger, there was Skype. The product has lived up to its full potential even after YM had disappeared from the limelight.

But Skype can be pricey especially if you’re not careful when you’re using Skype for Business, Skype Meetings or Skype Per-Minute Calls. It can be confusing and it would take some studying to get the right conference zone for yourself.

Also, not all calls in Skype run smoothly.


Focused on cuteness and simplicity, Slack is the tool for modern micro-companies. If you want to get your files organised and all your members receiving notifications at the right time (Slack has a message schedule service), you can ensure disruption and no disruption hours reflective of work periods.

It might not have a video or audio conference function but it sure could save important parts of your business effectively.

Taking Care of Trolls in Your Online Marketing Campaign

Trolls are individuals who, through the power of online anonymity, are capable of having a platform for extreme views regarding business and other topics. If they target your online marketing campaign, you could have some reputational trouble on your hands. Here are a few things you need to do to take care of trolls to ensure your marketing campaign becomes successful.

  1. The Fire Alarm

Set a boundary where trolls will truly have eroded the business’ reputation with their remarks. Because of their anonymity, they could have their own listeners. Remember, you cannot remain silent, and you are spending money on your online marketing campaign.

  1. Use Facts

Trolls will try to provoke the social network or blog manager’s replies with offensive remarks, or for some with finesse, some facts why the product does not work. Counter-acting this by using facts and research that you have conducted with specialists in the industry could help reverse the opinion of trolls, and public viewpoint.

  1. Passion

It is true that when you fight anonymous trolls in the internet, you are participating in the “Retarded Olympics.” But then again, people can witness your passion for your business, products, services, and your responsibility for the business, by responding promptly and calmly against trolls. You could use obscene offensives by anonymous attackers to prove that you mean business for your customers.