European Female Directors Increasing Dramatically

In Europe, more women are being involved in the executive committee level. However, reports indicate female representation in other sectors have a huge difference.


About 23 per cent of board directors in companies and institutions in European capital markets are mostly women. About only one in six per cent are female executive committee members.

Finance think-tank New Financial Partner Yasmine Chinwala, who is the author of the report, said the overall theme focuses on everything “moving in the right direction.”

She said:

“Companies should be thinking seriously about whether or not they have a problem with a lack of women at senior levels because the averages mask a lot of differences.”

Women on executive committees had increased representation by 1 point. However, the representation is very low in hedge funds, private equity firms and other investment companies. Women only make up 10 per cent and 7 per cent in these executive committees.

Due to inadequate information, firms with low female representations are excluded from the board count.

However, women are best represented in pension funds and investment banks. However, only 10 per cent of executive committees have females at the top of the executive food chain. Meanwhile, trade bodies have 30 per cent of women in executive committees.